Are Fake AirPods Dangerous?

Apple launched its AirPods in 2016, and it instantly became a hit with all the iPhone users. It was just a matter of days that fake AirPods started to pool up in the market. Fake AirPods have the added advantage of Android connectivity, are cheap, and may come in different shapes and sizes. It sometimes gets very difficult to spot the real one. You can read about all the difference between original and Knock-off AirPods here.

If you are planning to buy fake AirPods, you must know about their safety while using them. Please keep in mind that fake ones are not as durable as compared to the original ones. They may start to malfunction after 2 days or may work well for 2 years as you really can’t trust them on their words. Let’s look at the health impacts associated with using fake AirPods

Hearing Problem

Hearing Problems – Some knockoffs have pathetic sound quality. When you play music on them, it starts to damage the auditory sensors in your ears. Extended exposure to poor quality of sound can hurt your hearing power. To understand this phenomenon, imagine someone working in an industry with loud bangs and working noises. They wear noise blockers to reduce the impact of sound and to save their hearing power.

Headaches – In order to be impressive to the users, fake AirPod manufacturers try to give their AirPods a high volume instead of a better sound quality. Listening continuously to higher volumes can lead to chronic headaches and insomnia.

Ear Infections – Prolonged exposure to poor quality sound can increase the chances of ear infection. When you put in AirPods for a long time, excessive wax is formed in your ears. It leads to increased bacteria in your ears, which can cause infection. It is not only related to fake AirPods. Such infection can also happen with real ones.

How to Avoid these Dangers

You can avoid these dangers by taking the following safety precautions

  • Keep the volume low
  • Limit the time as much as possible
  • Follow the 60/60 Rule: Doctors recommend that you follow the 60/60 rule for using AirPods. Always try to keep the volume below 60% and limit the one time use to less than 60 minutes.
  • Ask the people in surrounding whether they can hear the sound from your earbuds. If they say yes, you are above the safe sound level for your hearing.

Final Thoughts

We know that not all people can afford original earbuds. Buying a fake one is not a big issue as all the health effects are also somehow related to original AirPods. We suggest you follow the tips mentioned above and keep your hearing safe.

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