14 Ways to Tell if AirPods are Real or Fake?

Apple has been the trendsetter in the tech industry since the launch of the iPhone in 2007. As soon as Apple’s accessories hit the market, the copies and fake products are flooded for the customers. Many people buy such products to imitate Apple’s style statement. Apple’s AirPods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds created by apple in 2016 to provide convenience to the users. These AirPods revolutionized the way we use headphones with our smartphones. AirPods provide you the convenience of playing audio, communicating on your phone, and interacting with Siri. Soon, there were millions of fake AirPods on the market.

In such a situation, it is essential to know how you can spot a fake AirPod. We don’t want you to get scammed by conmen. If you follow all the instructions mentioned below, you would be able to tell the difference between real and fake Airpods.

Real AirPods vs. Fake AirPods

Feel of the AirPods – Original AirPods have a hard plastic. It is made resilient and durable to withstand wear and tear and rough usage. Fake companies don’t have the heart to put in so much manufacturing cost, and they end up using soft, pliable, and cheap plastic. Some copies come with soft plastic for giving you comfort, stay away from such products as Apple AirPods don’t have this feature.

Check original AirPods by shape

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Check for Physical Buttons – Real AirPods don’t have any physical buttons on them. This button may be labeled as “malfunction,” “reset,” or “on/off.” It is not necessary that all fakes would have a button; some come without buttons as well.

Microphone shape

The Shape of the Microphone – Fake AirPods come with a round-shaped microphone, while the original ones have an oval shape. Though it is a small difference, it can be noted if you notice in detail. Another thing concerning the speakers is the visibility of the speaker behind the steel mesh. In the original AirPods, the speaker is clearly visible with the naked eye.

Microphone's structure

LED Lights – Only fake AirPods come with LED lights. These lights may be very dim but are easily visible during the night. Always keep in mind that real AirPods do not have any lights in them.

LED lights difference

USB Port – Apple AirPods come with a “lightning” charging port. Fake copies have a trapezoid-shaped micro USB charging port. It may be very close to the original charging port, but the outline will still be a lot thicker.

USB port of original AirPods

Weight – Apple’s AirPods have an exact of 46 grams, including the case. Fake ones have less weight because the materials used in the making are cheap and of poor quality.

Automatic Connecting – Real AirPods connect automatically with iOS devices in the range. It shows a prompt, and then you can connect them with just one touch. With fake AirPods, you need to search them and then connect them manually via the Bluetooth settings.

Original AirPods connection

Sound Quality – Apple’s AirPods have excellent sound quality. When listening to the high bass setting, it feels like little bass tubes in your ears. The knock-offs have poor sound quality.

Box Comparison – You can also spot the real and knock-off product by analyzing the box of the AirPods. It is difficult because a lot of fake earbuds come with identical boxes.

Original Airpods' box

Magnetic Hold – Apple puts in a magnetic hold to keep the AirPods in their place. Knock-off products usually lack such features. When you open the box and turn it over, the fake ones fall.

Serial Number Testing – It is like the master testing to differentiate between real and fake AirPods. It is likely that you would see a high-end copy, which is 99% the same as originals. The only and the best way to know about this is to enter the serial number here. Despite all of this, there is still a chance that you would end up with a fake product. Some manufacturers steal the original serial numbers and put the same on thousands of fake products.

First Time Buyers

Buying AirPods for the first time, follow the tips below to ensure that you are buying from an authentic Apple Store on Amazon or EBay.

Look for the Product Page – Always notice and analyze the AirPods page keenly. If you are buying from a verified store page from Amazon or other retail sites, you will notice the brand’s name clearly written on the product. Fake AirPods do not have an apparent reference to Apple’s logo and name. They try to mix some other words or logos and sell fake products. Fake AirPods often have a very long description, and it looks like you are buying something out of the world. They would describe their product as it has everything included, and the price is remarkably lower than originals.

Study the Reviews – When you are going through a product and you feel like there is something wrong, head to the reviews section. You can easily spot the bad reviews or copy-paste reviews that are written by the sellers of fake AirPods. Often these reviews have poor English, misplace sentences. In case you find excellent reviews, you can copy the review, paste it on Google, and you would easily find it if it is copied or real.

Search the Product Independently – Another way to find out the authenticity of not only AirPods but all the other accessories is to look the product on Google or any other search engine with its name. Most of the fakes do not have a website. Even if they have one, it would not be maintained properly or missing contact information. Such signs are a clear indication that something fishy is going on.

Final Words – What to do?

We have mentioned all the differences between real and fake AirPods. Despite knowing all, some people still get tricked and by fake ones. You have to make sure that you buy from the original Apple store and not from anywhere else if you are buying online. The last 3 tips on our list will help you stay away from scam and fake pages. If you are buying physically, always try to purchase from an Apple store. If you can’t find one, make sure you keep in mind the rest of the pointers we mentioned above.

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