How Do I Reset My Fake AirPods?

There are thousands of fake AirPods available for you to buy. They are cheap, come in different shapes and colors. However, their voice quality is not the same as the original Apple AirPods. If you are using a knock-off, you may notice that the bass level is deficient compared to the real ones. The low-quality speaker components are unable to provide you with an excellent music experience.

One common problem you have to face while using the fake AirPods is that both of the earbuds don’t work simultaneously, and hence you have to reset them. In this article, we will walk you through the steps needed to perform a resetting on your knock-offs.

Fake AirPods boxing

Resetting the Fake AirPods

Step 1: First of all, make sure that both your earbuds are in the case. If there is only one in the case, the resetting process will not go ahead.

AirPods casing

Step 2: Ensure that both the earbuds and the charging case are charged. For resetting to happen successfully, you need to have charged in both.

Step 3: Locate the button on your case. For 99% of fake AirPods, it is located at the backside of the case, as shown in the image. It’s built in the case and of the same color. You might want to rub your hand on the backside of the case and feel it.

Step 4: Press and hold the button you just located for at least 15 seconds. The time for resetting the original ones is 15 seconds; fake ones may reset in 10 seconds or need 20 seconds. Ensure that while you are pressing the reset button, the charging case’s lid is not closed. If it is closed, you won’t be able to reset your knock-offs.

Step 5: The charging light will start to blink; it is located at the front side of the case and usually blinks to confirm charging or resting. If the light doesn’t blink, you wouldn’t be able to reset your AirPods successfully.

AirPods charging

How to Fix Fake AirPods?

If there is one thing certain about fake AirPods, they’ll randomly put you in trouble, but they are still worth it because the best ones come at ¼ price of the real Apple AirPods. Fake AirPods usually show problems like one earpiece not working, or AirPods are not charging. We have already discussed how you can reset your fake AirPods in case both earbuds or one of them is not working. Let’s read how you can fix charging problems with your fake AirPods.

Fake AirPods not Charging Problem

You can try the following preventive measures if your fake AirPods are not charging.

  • Take a methylated cotton tip and clean the charging case and AirPods charging contact area. You can use a cotton earbud and dip it in spirit.
  • Check that the USB cable is in working condition and is properly inserted in the AirPods case and charger/power source.
  • Make sure that the wall outlet is in the right condition.
  • Try another power source/USB.
  • Hard rest your AirPods by holding the power button for 15 seconds.
  • Always use a high-quality USB cable and a recommended amp charger with your fake AirPods.

Fake AirPods not charging evenly

It can happen due to dirt or oil on the charging contacts. You can get rid of it by cleaning with methylated spirit tips. It can also happen due to louder sound settings on one side. It causes one earbud to discharge quickly and will not charge evenly.

Charging your AirPods in a hot car can also cause them to not charge evenly. If you have to charge your AirPods inside a hot car, make sure you place them in the shade.

How to Connect Fake AirPods without Button?

Original AirPods have a button on the case to hard reset or manually connect them to your phones. If your fake AirPods don’t have a button on the back of the case, each earbud will have a button that connects them with the phone.

Final Word: The Way Out

We know that not all people can afford original AirPods from Apple or high-cost earbuds from reputable brands. Hence, you have to rely on knock-offs to get your work done. With knock-offs, you may have to reset them twice a day. Now that you know all the things related to resetting them, you can do it without worrying.

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